Lisa Dergan Podsednik Leads 2010 Hot Wife Voting


Avalon, NJ — With just three weeks remaining, Lisa Dergan Podsednik
may be on the verge of defeating Heidi DeRosa as Baseball’s Hottest
Wife, according to the popular contest sponsored annually by Fantasy
Baseball Dugout.

Podsednik is the recently turned 40-year-old wife  of Los Angeles
Dodgers outfielder Scott Podsednik, 34.  Ms. Podsednik is a former
Playboy Playmate and was Miss July 1998
Lisa is also a sports announcer for Fox Sports and was the St. Pauli
Girl in 2003.  She has a degree in Art History from San Diego State,
loves golf, and speaks fluent Japanese.

This is the third year
that Fantasy Baseball Dugout has sponsored the Baseball’s Hottest Wives
contest.  Baseball fans can vote on the web site or via text message. 
Last year, over 70,000 votes were cast online and via text message

In 2009, Heidi DeRosa, wife of San Francisco Giants infielder-outfielder Mark DeRosa,
was named Baseball’s Hottest Wife for the second consecutive year. 
Spurred by a ballot stuffing campaign from a St. Louis radio station
(DeRosa played for the Cardinals in 2009), Heidi DeRosa received 63% of
the vote and was named Baseball’s Hottest Wife in 2009 for the second consecutive year.

Dergan Podsednik is no stranger to the Baseball’s Hottest Wives
competition.  The three time nominee finished fifth in 2009 and third in
2008. Her husband Scott is having a good year and was recently traded
from the small market Kansas City Royals to the large market Los Angeles
Dodgers has helped her vote tally.

“Lisa Dergan’s vote total
clearly took off after Scott was traded to L.A.,” said Bob Bentz,
publisher of Fantasy Baseball Dugout.  “Fans do like to rally around
their local players and it doesn’t hurt that she’s incredibly beautiful
and sexy.”

Emily Greinke, wife of Royals’ ace Zach Greinke, is
currently in second position.  “Emily Greinke is an ex-Dallas Cowboys
cheerleader,” said Bentz.  “Enough said.  She’s a strong competitor.”

is the two-time champion DeRosa followed by softball gold medalist
Jennie Finch, wife of ex-Astros pitcher Casey Daigle.  Heidi Roberts, a
model who has appeared in Maxim magazine is fifth.  Heidi Strobel
Hamels, another ex-Playboy Playmate, is sixth.  Lindsay Clubine
(Bucholz) is seventh and Saeko Darvish, wife of Japanese pitcher Yu
Darvish of the Nippon Ham Fighters is eighth.

Current Baseball’s Hottest Wife Voting:

  1. Lisa Dergan Podsednik  16.6%
  2. Emily Greinke  8.6
  3. Heidi DeRosa  8.1
  4. Jennie Finch (Daigle) 7.6
  5. Heidi Roberts  7.5
  6. Heidi Strobel (Hamels)  6.7
  7. Lindsay Clubine (Bucholz) 6.6
  8. Saeko Darvish  5.5
  9. Laura Posada  5.5
  10. Jamie Kotsay  5.1
  11. Anna Benson  5.0
  12. Stephenie Lagrossa (Kendrick)  4.5
  13. Julianna Zobrist  4.4
  14. Michelle Damon  3.2
  15. Krista Lackey  3.0
  16. Johari Smith (Rollins)  2.5

Voting is through August 17, 2010.  Voting closes on September 8, 2010.

Watch video of Baseball’s Hottest Wives 2010.

Text Messages to Keep Up with your Favorite MLB Team

Are you signed up for the Major League Baseball text messages?  If not, its a great way to keep in touch with your favorite team.  You can get scores and news no matter where you are, right on your cell phone.

There’s another great way to get text message alerts from your team and this one is actually just as good if not better than what you can get from MLB.  The Houston Chronicle text message alert system is the best way to get score alerts.  Mine actually arrive a few seconds earlier on it than from MLB’s service.

More and more teams are also using mobile marketing for their teams.  This includes last minute ticket sales and general team information by text messages.  Some teams are also doing text message advertising.  We know young adults and teens don’t care for email much so text message alerts are definitely the way to go to reach this group.


Heidi DeRosa Leads Voting for Baseball’s Hottest Wife

Heidi Miller DeRosa, fashion model, and wife of
Cubs’ second baseman Mark DeRosa, is the leading vote getter afterHottest Wives leading vote getter Heidi DeRosa one month in Fantasy Baseball Dugout’s First Annual “Hottest Wife in Baseball”

The fantasy baseball
blog has been posting photos of some of the most beautiful
wives of professional baseball players
all year. Then, based on the
number of hits that each wife received on the site, it narrowed its list down to
ten of the hottest of the hot baseball wives. Voting continues through the end
of the 2008 World Series.

Fantasy Baseball Dugout, always an innovator, uses a text
message voting system
for fans to vote for Baseball’s Hottest Wife. It has
received over 1900 votes thus far on the text message voting system.

The contest’s biggest single day of the voting
came on Friday, September 5 when the Hottest Wives contest was mentioned in an article in
the Philadelphia Inquirer
. Unfortunately, the hometown Phillies’ fans were
not able to push Anna Benson, wife of Phillies’ pitcher Kris Benson, out of last
place. Kris Benson has had arm trouble all year and has not been part of the
major league roster; we assume Anna Benson’s arm is fine.
Here are the
current voting statistics (through September 8):

  1. Heidi DeRosa 572 30%
  2. Jamie Kotsay 327 17%
  3. Laura Posada 271 14%
  4. Alicia Rickter Piazza 213 11%
  5. Ashley Drane Eckstein 174 9%
  6. Lisa Dergan Podsednik 116 6%
  7. Michelle Damon 99 5%
  8. Alejandra Tejada 78 4%
  9. Laura Cover Boone 58 3%
  10. Anna Benson 31 2%

Text message voting compliments of

Baseball Fans Will Love College Fantasy Football

One of the most discouraging things about the end of the baseball season is that it’s also the end of the FANTASY baseball season.  Since most leagues have playoffs, if you haven’t made the playoffs by mid-September, you’re probably already concentrating on football.

This year, for the first time ever, many of the major fantasy football portals are now offering an updated version of college fantasy football.  The game is updated in the fact that college fantasy football games are using real players names for the first time ever.

One of the unique things about the college game is that there are so many teams to choose from.  Also, there are more mismatches in the college game than there are in the NFL.  Hence, more research and more skill is required to win at college fantasy football than in the more popular NFL Fantasy Football game.

Playing college fantasy football is almost like being at the game except for one thing.  You won’t see the real college cheerleaders.  You’ll just have to imagine them.  But, isn’t that what fantasy sports is all about anyway?